My Plan

Dr Luke's Plan for Bosworth:

1. Supporting a Strong Local Economy 

I will continue to support a Strong Local Economy, from championing the needs of small, local and independent businesses, to securing greater investment right across the constituency in a wide range of industries. I will also ensure that our local economy builds back better after the disruption caused by the pandemic, providing our area with greater certainty and security for the future.  

Since being elected in 2019, I’ve been working hard for our local economy. I’ve visited, supported, and helped hundreds of small, local and independent businesses in that time. I also continue to meet with the Hinckley BID (Business Improvement District) regularly to discuss how I can support their 400 member businesses. Back in March, I was delighted our area received £101,469 from the Government’s Welcome Back fund, to help support high streets in our community. On Hinckley High Street, meanwhile, footfall remains above the national average, and it’s fantastic to see so many people supporting our local businesses.  

I’m also proud that our area is increasingly becoming one of the most attractive parts of the country to invest in, resulting in a wide range of benefits for our local economy. This June, for example, I was pleased to welcome a new joint venture between MIRA Technology Park on the A5 and Evans Randall Investors, adding up to £500 million of Gross Development Value to the area. Back in February, I helped to support the submission of an East Midlands Bid for Freeport Status, which would create nearly 60,000 jobs in deprived areas of the East Midlands. 

Supporting a strong local economy will remain one of my top priorities, helping our area to recover from the effects of the pandemic. If you are a business in the constituency and are experiencing an issue I may be able to help with, or if you would like me to come and see the hard work that you do, please do email me at:


2. Enhancing Skills, Education and Opportunities

I will enhance Skills, Education and Opportunities by working hard to secure high skilled jobs, improved education and apprenticeships, creating exciting new opportunities across the constituency for people of all ages, as our region continues to attract investment. 

Since being elected, I have worked closely with local schools to find out how I can help support them, particularly with the difficulties of the pandemic. I have successfully lobbied Government to provide Hinckley Academy with millions of pounds worth in investment for our local young people, for example, as well as working with Hastings High School in Burbage to assist them, raising their ideas directly with the Education Secretary. Over coming months, I’ll continue to work closely with local schools, and I'm so pleased that in our area, 87% of schools are now rated good or outstanding by Ofsted, compared to 73% in 2010, which is fantastic to see.  

I also embraced the opportunity to recommend Twycross Zoo’s project for a National Science and Conservation Centre for the levelling up fund. The creation of a Centre would build on the 600,000 visitors the zoo already receives, and further establish our local area as a hub for jobs, education and research.  

From REE Automotive to MIRA, our area is continuing to strengthen its reputation as a centre for investment, and the opportunities which follow, from generating jobs to enhancing skills. I’m proud that our area has such a fantastic reputation, and will do I can to help develop these opportunities.  


3. Championing Local Healthcare 

I will seek to ensure our Local Healthcare offers a reliable and effective service to every member of our community, young or old. As a GP myself, I know how important healthcare services are in the community, from GP practices to hospitals. 

Being able to access the correct support from your GP or having an operation, for example, are vital services for local people. I will continue to work hard to ensure our local NHS has the resources it need to effectively manage the inevitable backlog which the pandemic has created as well as campaigning for improvements in physical and mental healthcare provision. Given the makeup of our fantastic area, it’s vital that everyone remains connected to healthcare services, whether they live in rural areas or in towns.  

Since being elected, I’m proud to have been voted onto the Health and Social Care Select Committee, allowing me to use my professional experience to explore the effects of the pandemic, cancer treatment and maternity services. As our area continues to grow, I have already started to raise the prospect of increased facilities with local health leaders, and I’ll work hard to continue championing local healthcare as we move out of the pandemic and manage the difficulties of the coming months.  


4. Progressing Rural and Environmental Issues 

I will continue to work with our rural communities to progress Rural and Environmental Issues to support our natural areas, food standards and the working countryside. I will also help to ensure that we develop our local area in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, to create a greener future for Bosworth, and enabling us to play our part to help the UK lead the world in new, green technologies.

In our area, we are blessed with acres of beautiful countryside, and I know how hard those in rural industries work. I’m also aware that local farmers and residents experience rural crime, which is why I’m keen to continue working with Police and Crime Commissioner Rupert Matthews, and local police forces, to see how I can help. Last year, I was pleased to see Leicestershire Police launch a dedicated rural crime team to help support those in these areas.  

Our region is increasingly becoming a national centre for green growth – bolstered by the recent release of a 10 Point Plan for Green Growth, released by the Midlands Engine in July. The plan is designed to accelerate the Midlands, and the UK’s, path to net zero carbon emissions, and I’m proud that our region is continuing to establish a national reputation in this field. The plans ensure we can move to a more eco-friendly future without compromising on economic growth, which is fantastic to see.


5. Improving Transport and Infrastructure  

I will work to improve our local Transport and Infrastructure, including our roads, rail networks and bus routes – the services we all rely on in our community every day. This also includes working hard to improve infrastructure like broadband services, which sadly remains an issue in some parts of the constituency. Securing strong transport links and effective infrastructure is key to helping further develop our local area, helping to feed into my other priorities. 

In July, I welcomed a £28 million infrastructure upgrade for Leicestershire broadband, which includes homes and businesses across the area. In Sketchley Brook in Burbage, residents living in a new development there have been struggling to get connected, and I have raised the issue to the top of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, as well as liaising with Openreach and Leicestershire County Council to get residents connected. 

As our area continues to grow, I recognise we need homes for the next generation, but it’s important these houses are built in the right places, and in-keeping with the rest of the area. Although local planning decisions fall within the responsibility of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, I’m working hard at a national level to support legislation which encourages sustainable development, as well as holding the local council to account for repeated delays to their local plan. An up-to-date plan is an important aspect of ensuring that the right homes are built in the right places, and that these homes are in-keeping with the look and feel of existing communities.  


6. Working for Our Community 

 I will continue to Celebrate our Community right across the constituency, from supporting charities and improving community facilities, to increasing safety and security, helping to build on what is already a strong sense of community spirit we are so lucky to have in our area.  

Since the last election, I’m pleased that 177 additional police officers have been recruited to help keep our community safe, as well as the addition of a new rural crime time from Leicestershire Police. Since being elected in 2019, I’ve supported hundreds of businesses, charities and community organisations, and I am always keen to do what I can to help our community.  

Although the pandemic undoubtedly brought difficult times for our community, we are bouncing back stronger and I continue to be so pleased by the kindness, generosity and good-will I see and hear of every day. If there is anything I can do to support your community project, don’t hesitate to get in touch on email: