Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 18 April 2020

I suppose that just like many of you I’ve been getting into something of a routine as we mark the third full week of the lockdown to defeat Coronavirus.

I know that for now my weekly updates aren’t as varied as they have been in the past. I love visiting the amazing places and businesses in my constituency, taking photographs, and showcasing them not just to my constituents but also to my fellow MPs to show them how great Hinckley and Bosworth is! I can’t wait to get back to doing all of that as soon as possible.

But for now, this week I have:

  • Spoken with one of the Health Department’s Special Advisors about the pressing need to ensure we continue to deliver world class palliative care and securing supplies of necessary drugs.
  • Talked to DEFRA about protecting the future of Twycross Zoo, an important charity which is hugely dependent on visitors.
  • Had conversations with the leaders of our resilience forum, clinical commissioning group and UHL NHS Trust seeking reassurance that there are adequate supplies for personal protective equipment (PPE) – at the time of writing all bodies have had and continue to have adequate supplies of PPE.
  • Managed to secure a much-needed BT Openreach broadband line installed for a local doctor to allow her to access NHS systems from home.
  • Appeared on Sky News to talk about care homes and ensuring care workers have access to PPE.
  • Took part in another ‘virtual’ sitting of the Health and Social Care Select Committee where we scrutinised both the Health Secretary and senior medical officers.
  • Talked to Radio Leicester about PPE supplies in Leicester Hospitals.
  • Been in contact with Culture ministers about the need to protect our local media at a time when they are particularly vulnerable.
  • Looked into the impact of Coronavirus on local farmers and milk production and made enquiries DEFRA and Leicestershire County Council.  
  • Managed to get stranded local residents home from Pakistan and Australia.