Dr Luke welcomes Historic High Street Recovery investment

Dr Luke Evans, Member of Parliament for Hinckley, has welcomed the news that Hinckley’s high street will receive almost £900,000 of government funding to help rejuvenate its ‘Historic High Street’ as part of Historic England’s ‘High Streets Heritage Action Zone’ programme.

Question to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Earlier in the week I was able to ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions about how government departments are working together to get people from Bosworth back into work after the coronavirus pandemic.

You can see her answer in this video.

Body Image 10 Minute Rule Bill

Yesterday (Tuesday 15 September) I presented my 10 Minute Rule Bill onto the floor of the House of Common calling for 'advertisers, broadcasters and publishers to display a logo in cases where an image of a human body or body part has been digitally altered in its proportions; and for connected p

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 12 September 2020

With the introduction of new Covid-19 restrictions and votes to prepare the United Kingdom for the end of the Brexit transition period it has been a busy week in Westminster.

Church Commissioner's Questions

Today I asked the Church Commissioner about the support the Church of England provided to those suffering financial difficulty during covid-19, and highlighted the great work done by St John's, Hinckley.

You can see his answers in this video.

Climate change and illegal deforestation

This morning I was able to ask the Foreign Office minister about the progress the Government has made through international co-operation on tackling climate change; and about prohibiting businesses from using timber from illegally deforested places, including the Amazon.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 5 September 2020

This week Parliament has returned from its Summer recess and like most other MPs I have returned to Westminster for what is likely to be the busiest parliamentary term in years.