About Dr Luke

Before becoming the Member of Parliament for Bosworth in 2019, I was a GP across the Midlands. I believe there are a lot of similarities between a good local MP and a good GP – you have to communicate clearly and effectively, you have to be able to deal with complex information and make decisions, and you have to problem solve. Above all, however, you have to care about the people you look after, and work hard to earn their respect.  

Having grown up in rural Dorset, where my father worked as a GP and my mother worked first as a nurse, and then a school nurse, discussions around medicine were a common theme in our house from an early age! Through their work, both of my parents were dedicated to wanting to help people, and given that myself and my two brothers have all gone into medicine in our careers, it's safe to say their commitment to the community had an impression on us all!  

When I ran to become the candidate for Bosworth in 2019 the area was already familiar to me, and the opportunity to come back to the Midlands was something my wife Charlie and I both relished. Bosworth and its beautiful countryside often reminds me of where I grew up, and I’m proud to call it home.  

Charlie and I met at Medical School, and in May 2019 we got married at a beautiful spot near Kidderminster. Charlie grew up in the Midlands and is also a GP herself. Since we moved to Bosworth our family has doubled with the addition of our two mischievous whippets, Ada and Roux.

I completed my medical degree with the University of Birmingham in 2007 which afforded me the opportunity to work in hospitals in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and Heartlands. After completing my two years training as a junior doctor, I went back to Birmingham University to teach anatomy to first and second year medical and dental students.  

Training as a junior doctor truly tests both your perseverance, and your commitment to the job. It was without doubt one of the most difficult, but proudest, periods of my career. Despite the difficulties (and, at times, sheer terror!), the profound difference you can make to a patient’s life is a real privilege.  

Away from medicine, I have been involved in the community in various ways, serving as a Rotarian and a Primary School governor. As a member of a debating society and speaking club, I also developed the skills to present and argue effectively and, in 2017, I became British Public Speaking Champion.  

Since becoming an MP, as well as the wide range of work for the people of Bosworth, I’ve also developed a number of policy interests, including body image, local planning and infrastructure and the NHS.  

In my clinics, I frequently saw how concerns about body image could lead to health conditions such as anxiety and depression, and in the worst cases it can lead to serious eating disorders. More than 1.25 million people in the UK are estimated to have an eating disorder, and lockdowns have undoubtedly caused the problem to grow. You can read about my body image work here: Body Image Campaign | Dr Luke Evans MP

Training and working in the NHS has shown me not only the very best of our health system, but also ways we can improve and innovate for the future. Being elected onto the Health and Social Care Committee was a real privilege, especially given its prominence during the pandemic. I have explored policy areas in depth, such as workforce burnout and clearing the healthcare backlog caused by Covid. 

In December 2020 I was honoured to have been awarded Overall Newcomer Award at the Patchwork Foundation’s MP of the Year Awards.

Serving the people of Bosworth is undoubtedly the privilege of a lifetime.