Promoting healthy body image

This morning I asked the Secretary of State for Women and Equalities about a campaign I'm working on promoting healthy body image.

You can see her answer in this video.

British passports for armed forces veterans

This afternoon I asked the Home Secretary about a british citizen's passport for my constituent, Major Lines, who served in the army for thirty years.

You can see her answer in this video.

Covid related deaths

This evening I asked the Health Secretary about the accurate counting of covid related deaths. You can see his answer in this video.

Dr Luke asks “which is the best small shop in Hinckley and Bosworth?”

Dr Luke Evans, Member of Parliament for Bosworth is calling on the borough’s small shopkeepers to enter the Best Small Shops Competition, which celebrate the successes of small shops and the central role they play in their local community, particularly in response to Covid-19.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 18 July 2020

This week has been the last full week before parliament breaks for its annual summer recess and as you may expect it’s been a particularly busy one both in the chamber and meetings as we try to complete important work before the break.

My question to the veteran's minister

This morning I asked the veteran's minister how we can find a balance to ensure former servicemen and women are held to account when necessary, but also protected from vexatious claims.

You can see his answer in this video.



Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 11 July 2020

Last weekend saw the lifting of many of the lockdown restrictions that we have being living under for the past three and half months. For the first time our pubs, restaurants and hairdressers opened.

Human rights in Bahrain and globally

Today I asked the Minister about human rights in Bahrain and also what the UK is doing to lead on human rights across the world.

You can watch his reply here.