Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 25 April 2020

Being called by the Speaker for the first time at Prime Minister’s Questions is a big milestone for any new Member of Parliament. I didn’t envisage that my first time would be to the First Secretary of State or from the comfort of my dining room table, but that is exactly what happened this week.

Equally I didn’t expect to be on the front page of The Guardian the following day as that newspaper illustrated the first use of a virtual parliament, what a strange week!

Mr first PMQ was to ask about the Government’s plans to protect zoos in general, and Twycross Zoo in particular. I was pleased to hear the First Secretary reveal the founding of a Zoos Support Fund, it’s a very promising step forward although it does remain to be seen how it works in practice.

Aside from that I have:

  • Asked the Secretary of State about protecting the mental health of health and care workers.
  • Made representations to Government about funding for micro businesses based in business centres.
  • Congratulated members of our community going the extra mile for their neighbours, like Mr Joshi at Three Pots Post Office in Burbage.
  • Continued to signpost businesses to the small business grants scheme, and spoke with Leicestershire County Council on their behalf.
  • Welcomed constituents home who had been stranded in Nigeria.
  • Raised the issue of PPE with the Cabinet Office.
  • Received calls and raised the issue of urgent access to dentistry with health ministers.
  • Spoke with Talk Radio and LBC about getting COVID-19 tests to essential workers.
  • Explained to constituents about important changes to the Government’s job retention scheme
  • Wished constituents a very happy St George’s Day!